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    Wear and tear on articular cartilage affects the joint function and performance of a horse. Because your horse puts a lot of wear and tear on his joints, his diet should include nutritional support for healthy joints. Just as you feed him the right mixture of grains, vitamins, and minerals for a healthy body you mix dietary supplements with his feed as the nutritional foundation for healthy joints.

    Good nutrition provides a horse's body with the proper nutritional foundation for healthy cartilage. A blend of hydrolyzed chondroitin, glucosamine HCl, and turmeric (curcumin) lays the ideal foundation for equine joint health. Hydrolized chondroitin and glucosamine contain important building-blocks for healthy cartilage. In the ancient Indian system of Ayurvedic holistic medicine, turmeric (or its extract, curcumin) is revered for its ability to quell inflammation.

    Not all chondroitin is created equal. Hydrolized chondroitin sulfate is easily absorbed and used by the body, and can be incorporated into the cartilage matrix. Only hydrolyzed, low-molecular weight chondroitin sulfate powder contains molecules small enough to be more readily absorbed and used by the body.

    Glucosamine HCl also provides readily-absorbable nutritional support for optimal joint function in horses. Glucosamine HCl is believed to be more readily absorbed by the body than other types of glucosamine, such as glucosamine sulfate.

    We process large quantities of raw materials that promote equine joint health. Federal Laboratories is the original manufacturer of hydrolyzed chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, turmeric, curcumin (turmeric extract) and other nutraceuticals of value to horses. All raw materials are made from start to finish at our facilities. By purchasing raw materials direct from the manufacturer, you get affordable, high-quality bulk raw materials direct from the source. Consumers access no-frills, honest, pure nutrition straight from the original manufacturer. Your purchase does not support a fancy marketing department or commissioned sales staff. Straight and simple – you know what you are getting and get what you pay for.

    Your horse deserves the best nutritional support for healthy joints. Our raw materials are pure and of the highest quality. We never cut our supplements with fillers such as alfalfa, as some leading brands with mystery ingredients do. When you buy from us, you get pure, mystery-free nutrition right from the source.. Concentration or ratio is right in the name of every product you buy (Example: Turmeric Extract Powder - 95% Curcuminoids). All products are available to customer specifications, including separately or as a custom ratio or blend (please call Federal Laboratories at 1-800-505-2566 for custom product).

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Federal Laboratories manufactures and processes Health Food Supplements and pharmaceutical raw materials for the wholesale market. Each product is made from start to finish at our facilities in Buffalo, New York. All products are comprehensively tested in our laboratories before leaving our facility. We offer custom pulverizing and analytical testing to meet your specific needs.